How to Become an Insurance Agent

This guide on how to become an insurance agent has all the proper details needed to get started in the insurance industry. A journey in the insurance industry can be thrilling and a good paycheck as well. So, if you want to know how to become an insurance agent in Great Texas then now is your time.

Additionally, it is a great platform to serve the benefit of general people in the community. Hence, the first and foremost step in becoming a licensed insurance agent is to acquire an insurance license and knowing how to get an insurance license.

What is an insurance license you ask? An insurance license is an official document that shows that the individual has the full authority to sell insurance policies on behalf of an insurance carrier. Furthermore, if your dream is to open an agency, then also you need to acquire an insurance license first.

Five Steps on How to Become an Insurance Agent 

Step 1: Finish an insurance prelicensing course

Completing a prelicensing insurance course is mandatory in Texas before taking an exam for a license. In addition, a prelicensing course is not compulsory for an applicant wanting a temporary 90-days license. You can even fill out a temporary 90-day license for selling insurance before completing an examination and getting the permanent license. Getting a temporary license even applies to General lines such as Life, Accident & Health, and Property and Casualty. Furthermore, your course will offer trending types of insurance in the modern world such as the cyber security insurance.

Step 2: Pass Texas State’s Licensing Exam 

When you finish the mandated prelicensing course, you can easily pass Texas state’s licensing exam. Walk-in exams are not present. You need to make an online reservation for an examination. Also, first-time users should create an account. In addition, candidates should reserve 24 hours before the date of examination. The list of things needed before reserving is legal name, address, social security number, daytime telephone number, date of birth, name of the examination, date of preference, location of the test center. Most importantly, once you pass the exam and get your license, you can work with any insurance company or independent insurance brokerage in Texas.

Step 3: Give Fingerprint 

Applicants residing in Texas should submit their prints because it falls under the license application process. The application isn’t processed if TDI gets criminal reports from the Department of Public Safety and the FBI. In addition, TDI motivates candidates to apply through the electronic fingerprint process.

how to become an insurance agent

Apply For A License After You Complete The Steps of How To Become An Insurance Agent 

Step 4: Application

Once you have passed the state licensing exam, you can submit an application for an insurance license. You can submit an application virtually via National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR). Also, they assign you NPN. A unique identifier for the insurance licensing process. In addition, many states use this identifier.

Step 5: Complete the Required Insurance Continuing Education (CE) Credits

Every insurance producer must adhere to their home state’s CE requirements.

Final Words

You have succeeded in conquering all the steps on how to become an insurance agent in Texas. After completing these steps, you can begin the journey as an insurance agent in Texas by joining an insurance agent brokerage firm.

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how to become an insurance agent
how to become an insurance agent