How To Be Licensed To Sell Insurance?

A step by step guide on how to be licensed to sell insurance.

How to be licensed to sell insurance is the first question to every individual’s thought on starting their career in the insurance industry. It can be an appealing opportunity for new and established professionals to become insurance agents in Georgia. Also, it is a career path that allows flexibility and a diverse listing of interesting clients. Learn how to become an insurance agent in Georgia by knowing the first steps towards getting a license.

Captive insurance agent works with only one insurance company, typically a large national insurance carrier. The company provides training and support to the agent. In return, the agent sells insurance products of the carrier they represent. Also, many captive agents are required to sign a non-compete agreement. It limits them to selling policies and representing only one insurance carrier.

Independent agents work with more than one insurance company. The agent provides quotes and policies from multiple carriers to clients for the best policies and prices. Independent agents are more flexible in product offerings. They have the freedom to build their own book of business and a brand. If an individual wants to open an insurance agency, opting for this path seems to be a great choice. Furthermore, after becoming a successful independent insurance agent, you also have the choice to explore becoming an insurance aggregator.

How To Be Licensed To Sell Insurance?

Step 1: Acknowledge what kind of insurance agent you want to be.

There are two types of insurance agents when starting out in the insurance agent business: the captive agent and independent agent. No matter which type of insurance agent you want to be, you need to learn how to sell insurance to your clients.

Step 2: Decide what insurance products to sell

There are mainly two types of insurance policies that come up when we talk about agents who sell insurance: commercial insurance and personal insurance. Before you take your license exams, you should know what insurance line you want to sell. Commercial insurance focuses on providing coverage for businesses whereas personal insurance provides policies for individuals and families.

Step 3: Review state’s license requirements
The two most common licenses are property and casualty licenses, and life, health, and accident license. So, decide on what type of license to get and check the specifics from the state licensing department.

Also, it would be wise to check out the requirements and insights on how to obtain my insurance license.

how to be licensed to sell insurance

Getting A License To Sell Insurance

If you are an aspiring insurance agent, then the following steps on how to get an insurance license is for you:

Step 1: Prep for Insurance License Education  

Complete mandatory pre-license education in Georgia for each line of authority 20 hours of pre-license education. So, it means getting one insurance license is 20 hours of education, and getting another line is added 20 hours. Likewise, the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics states that you will need at least a high school diploma.

Step 2: Georgia Insurance License Exam 

Each attempt fee is $63. The testing facility asks for identification. The exams are 80 questions long with a time of two hours to complete them. In addition, the minimum passing score is 70%. Also, failing it causes a 2-week waiting period.

Step 3: Fingerprint and background check  

Fill out needed applications and give your fingerprints. The committee also runs an initial background check for any previous suspicious acts, affecting the outcomes of licensing effort. Also, if you want to ask existing agents before your exams, you can check out the agent directory.

Step 4: Citizenship Affidavit and License Application  

The Georgia Insurance Department gives out the citizenship affidavit. After this, you can apply for an insurance license. Also, the charge for the application is $115 per line. Present all necessary documents to the Sircon Georgia webpage.

Final Step: Application Review  

State departments take seven to ten business days for application and background check review. Once reviewed, the insurance department sends an email about the outcome status.

In conclusion, this is the perfect guide curated on how to become an insurance agent in Georgia. Furthermore, if you want to work together with many insurance agents, you can consider joining an insurance cluster as well. Overall, take the first step on fulfilling your dream by becoming an insurance agent today!

how to become an insurance agent
how to become an insurance agent