How Much Does It Cost To Get Licensed To Sell Insurance? 

The Best Guide for You to Start Your Journey

How to become an insurance agent and how much does it cost to get licensed to sell insurance can be an excellent question. Especially, for individuals who find happiness in assisting to shield the well-being of the community. Hence, the career as an insurance agent is highly satisfying. In addition, the benefits include freedom to select work environment and great earning potential. The first step to investigate if a career as an insurance agent is feasible is learning about the core responsibilities and educational preferences. So, let us discuss the basics of how to become an insurance agent in Jacksonville, and get you on your way to start the best career path.

Who is an Insurance Agent?

An insurance agent has the legal approval to sell an insurance policy or products.  Insurance agents are in charge of making a plan for promoting various kinds of insurance. Also, evaluate the requirements of a business or clients and present ideas that meet the requirements. Furthermore, a local insurance agent also engages in developing relationships and forming new relationships to grow the client base.

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how much does it cost to get licensed to sell insurance

How Much Does It Cost To Get Licensed To Sell Insurance To Become An Insurance Agent 

Step 1: Have a high school diploma or a bachelor’s degree

Technically, a high school diploma is a minimum requirement to be an insurance agent as per the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, many companies prefer insurance agents get a degree. Insurance agents should take classes in business, economics, or finance. In addition, this helps them sell insurance policies and products. Also, learning about marketing or psychology helps to improve at advertising insurance products and selling them. Additionally, there are emerging insurance types such as cyber liability insurance that you need to learn about.

Step 2Check requirements for an insurance license to learn how much does it cost to get licensed to sell insurance

In Jacksonville Florida, you should complete the required number of 60-hour approved insurance courses on it. Submitting information for background checks and fingerprints is mandatory before issuing the license. So, this is an important step on how to get an insurance license in Jacksonville.

Step 3: Learn how much does it cost to get licensed to sell insurance and pay the fees

Jacksonville requires you to complete an exam that checks the understanding of the state’s insurance laws and basic insurance concepts. Depending on the type of insurance to sell, it is necessary to hold a Series 6 or Series 7 securities registration. The fees for Jacksonville, Florida are license application which you can pay during the application process is $50, License ID is $5, fingerprint paid to fingerprint vendor is $48.05. Also, the state exam is $44, an appointment is $60 for residents, and so forth. All in all, once you get your license you need to be careful so that you don’t make errors. However, it will be best to understand E and O insurance for insurance agents before you start the job.

Step 4: Pursue a job and become an insurance agent

You can start and work as a licensed independent agent. You can even open an agency and sell policies from multiple insurance carriers. Also, you can get on-the-job training as you will work along with an experienced independent insurance agent before building your own book of business. You can even work for a single insurace carrier to become a captive agent. Lastly, do not underestimate the importance of E and O insurance because it can impact your career if you make any errors while dealing with the client. 

how to become an insurance agent
how to become an insurance agent